Felyx: Enabling Organization To Raise Funds Through Felyx Fundraising Program

Welcome To The Felyx


Felyx Pays Up To 30% Yearly Recurring Commissions

Welcome To The Felyx

Get 30%* Yearly Commission
Felyx Local – $60/Year

The commission is 30% of the base price of the membership

Tell your friends or networks who are business owners to put their offer to Felyx Directory FOR FREE and you’ll get a commission for that. Here are the things they’ll get once they put offer in Felyx Directory

1. Directory Listings

2. Improve Local Visibility

3. Attract New Customers

4. Increase Engagement

5. Promote Word of Mouth

6. Strengthen Your Reputation

7. Increase Brand Awareness

8. Improve SEO

9. Show Up on the First Page of Google

How Does It Work?

The Felyx Fundraiser Program wouldn’t require exceptional sales ability but will definitely bring the best benefits to your organization. Simply follow the steps below to know more about this.


Joining is fast, easy, and free. To get started, click the “Start Promoting Now” and create your account. In your dashboard, you’ll see your unique referral link.


Share your unique referral link on social media and other platforms to refer more friends.


We value your recommendations. You’ll receive your payment via payment mode you set in your affiliate dashboard.

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Benefits Of Being A Felyx Fundraiser

Being a Felyx Fundraiser is a win-win strategy not only because it helps local organizations but because with these simple steps, you are able to earn and help others at the same time. Check out the details below.


Earn unlimited commission for every successful purchase of Felyx Membership / for every successfully referred store-owner or merchant in our directory listing through your unique referral link.


Log-in to your dashboard, get your unique referral link and share it with your friends, family, or network and that’s all.


Track your referrals, commission, and payouts in one location. Real-time data allows you to monitor your progress over time.

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Help Local Fundraising!

Benefits Of Using Felyx For Your Fundraising Program.

Everything is digital! Easy to use coupon directory on any mobile phone or device. Never leave home without having your local deals in the palm of your hand.

We support local businesses and endorse shopping locally. When you partner with us for your fundraising program, you are helping to stimulate local merchants.

Felyx is just a one time cost for savings all year long. New deals are added to the directory monthly and are available for immediate use.

Felyx offers the easiest and fastest way to promote your fundraising. Simply share your custom link and we will track all the sales that come in from your fundraising link.

​We offer a true win, win, win fundraising program. The customers that purchase the directory win with thousands of dollars in local savings, the local merchants win from getting more business and you win by raising money for your cause.

​Felyx offers EXCLUSIVE deals and discounts. The customers that help with your fundraiser by purchasing a directory from you will get back their money after only a few deals used.

​The Felyx digital directory has thousands of dollars in savings. From Bowling, Restaurants, Bars to Local attractions and Retail Merchants our directory has the exclusive deals that everyone will enjoy.

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Simple Process Of Becoming A Successful
Felyx Fundraiser

Click “Start Promoting Now” and Create Your Fundraising Account

​Login To Your Fundraising Dashboard

​Get Your Unique Fundraising Links

​​Share It To Your Family, Friends, Network or Promote It To Your Social Media Account

​Monitor Your Earnings Through The Dashboard

Here Is The Sample Digital Card
Where You Can See Your Points

Felyx will provide you a unique affiliate link that you can use to generate commission

Each one that is purchased from your unique affiliate link will be credited to you and you can monitor it in your dashboard.

​The best part is as long as they continue to pay for it each year you will receive the credit for it.

Join today to start seeing the results of this amazing felyx affiliate program opportunity!!

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