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Discover How Savvy Local Business Owners Use This Revolutionary Digital Coupon Directory To Get More New Customers Without Paying Any Upfront or Monthly Fees!

Promoting your business to local customers requires an advantageous marketing strategy both for you and your potential market. That is why here at Felyx, we offer a potential partnership for a win-win strategy for you and the local consumers. We will promote your business and support the local economy. Felyx also provides customers a tremendous value and local charities an easy and effective way to raise funds quickly.

American businesses spend $1.2 trillion dollars every year on advertising, but very few are sure of the results until the money has already been spent. Have you ever been frustrated by wasted advertising dollars? You shouldn’t have to pay money before you have customers coming through your door. Introducing Felyx!

Felyx is a digital coupon directory that allows businesses to advertise directly to local customers without charging upfront fees or recurring monthly fees. Your business will get a landing page with your coupon and links to your social media, directions, phone number and website.

We developed Felyx to help local businesses reach local customers by offering an exclusive deal, which in return inspires new customers to visit your business and try your products and services!

The best part – Felyx also helps local charities and schools raise funds while putting your business in front of thousands of QUALIFIED consumers that you can turn into lifelong clients! Our digital coupon directory is designed for Local Merchants looking to grow their business and gain new loyal customers.

Felyx is a true win, win, win for everyone involved! Spots are limited so get your business on Felyx today!

Get A Business Partner That truly Cares About All Aspects of The Local Community!

Companies trust Felyx to help their customer base expand and produce results. We give our local merchants the best marketing value hands down which includes a custom landing page with all of their additional details on each coupon. Felyx pushes our members back into your store. Plus, you don’t have to undergo a lot of hassles just to get your marketing done. Everything is digital! Felyx is a very Easy to use coupon directory on any mobile phone.

These Are Just A Small Handful Of Our Client Success Stories..

“I believe that every business out there should use Felyx due to the platform they have created to drive a substantial amount of business into us. With today’s market, it’s very competitive to be drowned up by the competitors. Felyx has a platform that can really drive a lot of customers through your door.”

Jeff Accra

Working with Felyx has been completely effortless and awesome. The streamline return of customers and the return of business has been beneficial on all fronts.

Josh Snyder

Super excited to get started and be involved in so many other businesses with Felyx .

Mike Spangenberg

Felyx is amazing, great way to drive customer without spending a lot of money in our advertising, we love it so far, it’s great.

JP Mullan

Felyx is the type of marketing and advertising we have been looking for. We offer a great deal to get more customers in our restaurant. Felyx does all of they marketing on their end to get our offers in front of hundred of new customers and I believe that is the way it should be. The process was very easy and the service has been great. We are happy to help with the fundraising efforts they do as well.

Milanos Pizzeria

I am always looking for new and innovative ways to promote my business. I absolute love what Felyx stands for and how they support local! Adding my business to Felyx has been a very easy and smooth. I Highly recommend Felyx!

Ashley Blake Photography

How Far Could Felyx Take Your Business?

Felyx digital coupons allows retailers and brands to gather more detailed, timely, and reliable information about their customers, leading to a deeper understanding of their customers and the potential for creating a direct connection.

Our coupon stats offer live updates about the coupons being distributed. You can track your marketing plan on your smartphone in real time.

Promoting Your Business

This Is How We Take Your Business One Step Higher Than The Rest

  • We provide massive exposure to your products and deals
  • We help you save huge on your marketing budget by offering this at no upfront cost to you and no recurring monthly fees.
  • We connect you to your potential market and show them your best deals along with your product and services.
  • We make everything easy for you and your customers because everything is now digital
  • We help you to increase your web presence and brand awareness
  • We will create an Engaging Graphic Design of Each Coupon/Coupons to promote your deal
  • Your product will be included in our Social Media Promotions
  • Backlink from Felyx website to your website
  • Any many more

Why Are Free Coupons Keys To A Sure-Fire Marketing Strategy?

Freebies Creates A Huge Buzz

In today’s day and age, it doesn’t take long for news to travel. People admire freebies a lot. Your potential buyers are looking for good deals to try out new places. They’re willing to pay more attention if they hear something from a friend. The power of word of mouth advertising is enormous and this is the best way to take your business on top! Customers will brag about your business and what they received from you thus giving you FREE word of mouth advertising!

Positive Branding For You Products

A discounted deal will always be a hot topic. It makes each consumer happy and brightens up their day. With this strategy, you will build a positive relationship with your brand. Positive branding has an undeniable power to attract a wider market and this sounds like a definite success for your business in the making!

Creates a buying habit

How do you create a buying habit to a certain group of individuals? It is this simple. By offering anything free, people are more likely to try their hand at your company. So after they have been-if the experience has been good you are slowly creating a buying habit that will get them returning! This creates a deeper relationship between you and your customer and gives you the power to keep them coming back for more deals!

Partnering With Felyx Definitely Gives Your Business An Undeniable Power To Market.

Here Is The Summary of All The Advantages You’ll Get From Felyx

1. Large Call to Action Headline Due to the fact that business listing sites tend to pull information from one another, getting listed in one directory can very likely mean getting listed in several more, allowing you to kill two (or more) birds with one stone (so long as you monitor, claim, and update your listings regularly.)
2. Improve Local Visibility Though they are massive, online business directories have advanced filtering and suggesting capabilities, allowing you to become highly visible to your local community and niche audiences.
3. Attract New Customers The typical online business directory allows users to search by specific criteria such as specialty, neighborhood, ratings, and more. By simply entering complete and accurate information in your listing, the directory will then connect your business to the people searching for it, even if they don’t search your business name explicitly.
4. Increase Engagement The easier it is for a potential customer to engage with your business—whether it’s to make a phone call, submit a contact form, or even go to your location—the more likely they are to do so. Business directories create a channel by which potential customers can engage directly with your business or easily get to your website to do so.
5. Promote Word of Mouth Word of mouth has always been a trusted source for consumers, and now predominantly takes the form of online reviews. With apps and mobile devices, customers can now publish reviews more quickly—even during their experience. Getting listed in online business directories equips happy customers to spread the word about your business.
6. Strengthen Your Reputation The fear of negative reviews prevents many businesses from getting listed online, but this shuts them off from getting positive reviews too, which are essential for a good reputation. As long as you know how to properly handle one, the cost of one negative review is outweighed by the benefits of many positive reviews. Plus, a mix of reviews can even strengthen your reputation, as it shows that you are a genuine company with nothing to hide.
7. Increase Brand Awareness When a user performs a search in an online business directory, it will display a list of relevant results, each with a brief snapshot so that you can decide which one to click on to learn more. This means that even if a user doesn’t click on your listing, they still see your business. Every encounter a person has with your business increases their awareness and familiarity with your brand, which makes them more receptive to future outreach.
8. Improve SEO Online business listings improve your SEO by sending signals to Google about your online presence and helping to validate your trustworthiness. Google wants to be trusted by its users, so the more information it can obtain about your business online, and the more consistent that information is, the higher you will rank.
9. Show Up on the First Page of Google It is possible to get on the first page of Google through SEO practices, but it can take a few months to start seeing results. Popular online business directory sites, on the other hand, have been around for a while, have high amounts of traffic, and are trusted by Google. This means that your profile page on, say, Yelp has a high chance of showing up on the first page of results for relevant searches.

Online business directories have immense benefits, and neglecting them can actually hurt your business. So get started today with creating, claiming, and updating your listings online.

The FREE Benefits You’ll Get From Felyx!

Felyx Directory Listing

Your business will definitely get an edge once posted on our website. Felyx brings your company on a wider, more accessible market that will bring not just your company name and logo but the business itself on top of the game. Be one step ahead of your competitors by involving on the Felyx Directory Listing today.

Graphic Design For Each Exclusive Deal

The best way to advertise your business is to create an effective visual representation. With our creative team, Felyx will create top of the line graphic advertisement for your company in just a snap.

Social Media Post On Felyx To All Members

Upon your partnership with Felyx, your company will be advertised on all of our social media accounts helping you quickly reach all your potential consumers all around Arizona.

Coupon Link On Social Media

Since we make use of digital coupons, we find it as the most efficient and fastest way to bring thousands of potential consumers to you. We will simply put your social media link on your coupons, giving your social media platforms an effective “organic traffic” for advertising.

High Quality SEO Backlink From Felyx Website

With our expertise in the field, we will be creating a high quality backlink to our website to help with your company’s SEO. This helps your website resonate on different venues in the shortest time frames possible.

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