About Us

Promoting Local Values

Our mission is to foster, endorse, and praise a vigorous and prosperous local community by educating and motivating the public to enjoy the economic benefits of shopping local. When you shop at locally-owned stores, more of the money you spend stays within the community.

We envisioned a local deal directory with digital coupons that will drive people into spending at local businesses. We also wanted Felyx to provide a fundraising opportunity with so much value that people crave to buy it every year because they get great value and want to do business within their local community. With this mobile coupon platform, Felix provides a WIN, WIN, WIN opportunity for all. The organizations raising money win as they make a great profit, the businesses win as they get people in their place of business, and the customer wins as they receive exclusive local deals that save them thousands of dollars.

Builds Local Communities

When you support that local business, you are supporting your friends, family, and neighbors. These business owners are the neighborhood friends that you smile at while shopping, play within local community sports events, and give back to the community on a regular basis.

Tax Dollars Stay Local and Reenter the Community

A thriving community relies on local tax dollars to maintain the infrastructure, beautify neighborhoods, and help support important local programs and initiatives. The money you spend with these businesses stays in the community and re-enters it to contribute to a positive economic structure.

Spend Locally

Where do your dollars go when you spend them? According to American Independent Business Alliance (AIBA), there is something called the “Multiplier Effect” that shows how shopping locally strengthens our community.

“The multiplier effect is the boost to your local economy that results from locally-owned independent businesses, owners, and employees spending business revenue within the region.” In a number of studies illustrated on AIBA’s site, a proven 48% return to the community occurs when you spend locally, versus a 13.6% return when shopping chain retail.

Felyx offers the absolute best fundraising opportunity around

We provide you with a custom directory link that is specific to your company or cause. You simply promote Felyx with your directory link. You can email, text or provide your custom link to your current network and to new people looking for great deals.

Everyone that is purchased you will get a generous portion paid to your cause. You are offering something that lasts the entire year and keeps growing throughout the year. Felyx is A huge value for the customers! The best part is that you are helping to stimulate the local economy at the same time. Felyx is a true win, win, win. The customer gets great value and saves money. The merchants get more business and local churches schools and nonprofits can easily raise funds.

Why are we different?

  • Felyx is just a one time cost for savings all year long. New deals are added to the directory monthly and are available for immediate use.
  • Felyx offers the easiest and fastest way to promote your fundraising. Simply share your custom link and we will track all the sales that come in from your custom fundraising link.
  • The Felyx spin to win wheel gives customers the opportunity to win great prizes monthly.
  • Felyx offers EXCLUSIVE deals and discounts. The customers that help with your fundraiser by joining Felyx will get back their money after only a few deals used.
  • The Felyx digital directory has thousands of dollars in savings. From bowling, restaurants, bars to local attractions and retail merchants. Our directory has the exclusive deals that everyone will enjoy.
  • Never leave home without having your local deals in the palm of your hand.