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Why waste your time and efforts in purchasing paper coupons if you have a one-stop digital coupon directory loaded with discounts, giveaways, exclusive offers, and freebies? Felyx Digital Coupon Directory is especially made for you to have access to EXCLUSIVE local digital coupons form various local merchants. We’ve created an engaging platform that will cater to your needs and wants while being convenient to use!
No need to print embarrassing coupons. Just create your Felyx account and get instant access to hundreds of exclusive deals, freebies, and spin-to-win giveaways!. All of these while helping local charities raise funds!

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Searching for fresh deals online is a tough and time-consuming task. No more checking of tons of websites and going through multiple tiring signing up processes. Here at Felyx, we value your time as much as you do so we came up with a digital coupon directory that will provide you EXCLUSIVE DEALS and OFFERS instantly! The trend right now is all about saving money at great places, from the most popular restaurants and bars to movies and entertainment. It’s definitely something to get excited about!

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When you are a member of Felyx, you are signing in and having access to literally all the best deals! Remember to continue checking the Felyx directory as we always add new offers customized for our valued members. Felyx works first to actively support the local economy and to inspire our local population to shop locally.

When you are a member of Felyx, you are literally signing in and having instant access to literally all the best local deals! As a member, you also get to spin the Felyx wheel to win great prizes! Remember to continue checking the Felyx directory because we always add new offers customized for our valued members. Felyx works first to actively support the local economy and to inspire our local members to shop locally.

What Sets Felyx Apart From Other Directories?

We promote local values

Our goal is to promote, endorse and celebrate a healthy and stable local community by informing and encouraging the public to appreciate the economic benefits of local shopping. When shopping in local shops, much of the money you spend stays within the city.

We envisioned a local deal directory with digital coupons that will drive people into spending at local businesses. We also wanted Felyx to have a fundraising platform of so much appeal that people want to buy it every year because they get great value and want to do business within their local community. Felyx is giving everyone WIN, WIN, WIN opportunity with our mobile coupon directory.

We build local communities

You help your friends, relatives, and neighbors by supporting the local company. Such business owners are the neighborhood friends you smile at while shopping, playing in local youth sporting activities, and actively giving back to the community.

We help keep your tax dollars local and reenter the community

A prosperous city depends on local tax dollars to sustain services, beautify neighbourhoods, and assist in promoting vital municipal programs and programmes. The money you spend on these undertakings remains in the society and returns to contribute to a sustainable economic system.

How Come I Still Haven’t Experienced the Felyx Benefits?

The wait is over! The much-awaited answer lies in a quick and simple membership! We sell our membership for a small one-time fee that gives you these amazing deals for the whole year while helping to raise funds for local charities! Felyx has partnered with Phoenix Children’s hospital to raise funds for them with every Felyx membership! You never have to worry if these deals are the latest ones from companies because Felyx regularly introduces new locations and new offers so that anyone who buys a membership has immediate access to the latest offers added during the year. As a Felyx member, you will have an instant access!

Felyx is constantly updating your membership with new local deals every month so you always stay equipped with the best EXCLUSIVE deals. If you love going out, trying new places, and getting the most exclusive deals, then Felyx was created especially for you! By becoming a Felyx member, you are being invited to an exclusive club. Now you can enjoy much more, for far less. Get ready to tell your friends about how much you saved at your favorite places!

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